operated & argued over.

small ripples make big waves

The concept that little ideas can gain momentum and create change is something we champion at ripple+. It’s why we’re here, saying a big ‘f**k you’ to nicotine and doing our plant-powered thing.


ripple+ was born

We’ve grown a lot since starting out in our parents’ garage in 2019. These days, we’re a tight-knit crew of 10 operating from our HQ in Camden, and our diffusers are stocked in 850 pharmacies and shops across the world: from Superdrug to John Bell & Croyden in the UK—y’know, pharmacists to Her Majesty The Queen. No biggie.

It’s like we said; small ripples make big waves. So take a look around, discover our plant-powered puffs and join the f**k nicotine movement.

Much love!

ripple founders