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full-set of aromas

Incense re-imagined. Discover all six ripple+ droplet formulas that transport you on a journey of cozy vibes & happy memories. Each droplet is formulated to purify your space with aromas that help enhance your mood depending on your feels. From the woody notes of DREAM, to the sweet and floral essences of BOOST we’ve struck gold with these droplets of delight. Get your flame on, set up nicely & spark it up.

Whats inside?
Proprietary blend of handpicked botanicals, carefully selected resins and premium essential oils.
  • 48 droplets / pack
  • 1x sea glass holder
  • low-smoke burn
  • all-natural
DROPLET MULTI - full-set of aromas
6x incense aromas

480 mins burn / 48 droplets

1x sea glass holder

ocean-inspired & handcrafted

Custom re-usable box

Sustainable + eco-friendly

All ripple devices are 100% recyclable, minimising waste, for the most sustainable aromatherapy experience.

Our lavish ripple⁺ packaging is completely reusable and can be recycled, we’re on saving the planet.

The ingredients we use in our formulations are fully traceable, and we give complete transparency on their origins.

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💮small batch blend

🌋low-smoke burn

🦋naturals only

✌️hand finished

💮small batch blend

🌋low-smoke burn

🦋naturals only

✌️hand finished

💮small batch blend

🌋low-smoke burn

🦋naturals only

💮 small batch blend

🌋 low-smoke burn

🦋 naturals only

✌️ hand finished

💮 small batch blend

🌋 low-smoke burn

🦋 naturals only

✌️ hand finished

💮 small batch blend

🌋 low-smoke burn

🦋 naturals only

💮small batch blend

🌋low-smoke burn

🦋naturals only

✌️hand finished

💮small batch blend

🌋low-smoke burn

🦋naturals only

✌️hand finished

💮small batch blend

🌋low-smoke burn

🦋naturals only

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drop your pack for me

six aromas. six stories. six scenes. it’s movie time

Feel that forest air freshness, as the extracts of mint + rosemary revitalise your energy & clean your mind.

forest air aroma

Awakens your senses


Re-energizes mood + uplifts spirits


Improves memory + freshens mind


An ocean view where you feel the sea breeze in full flow. The extracts of sea salt + iris bring a feeling of calm & solace.

sea breeze aroma

Flushes out bad vibes

+sea salt

Mediates mood + alleviates stress


Eases tension


A wholesome drop which sets the vibe as you feel the sweet love & security of agarwood + apricot.

firewood aroma

Creates ambience & sets the mood


Relieves anxiety, brings tranquility


Eases discomfort, soothes skin


A sweet & light aroma filled with bounce & energy to ease your senses and elevate your mood.

bonbon aroma

Promotes self-esteem


Improves emotional sensitivity


Stabilises mood & brings calm


The scent of FOCUS mediates your mind and clears your thoughts, gentle but distinctive.

wildflower aroma

Clears the mind & refreshens senses.


Brings joy & soothes mind


Improves vision & manages tensions


Luxurious scents in the air with this one. HAPPY lifts your energy & brings out that exuberant nature. Love life.

honeysuckle aroma

Radiates pure happiness


Boosts vitality & youthful energy


Full of fresh energy & luxury

rippled + rated by the fam 💬


Why should I choose the MULTIPACK?

Omg, really? Come on… You have all 6 aromas to indulge in. A chance to experience a different aroma every day is an opportunity not to be missed & more importantly, you get to save nicely! You can burn these at any type of occasion so you can really take in the feelings, emotions & memories that these scents can unearth. Turn that light off & put your lighters up.

What is an incense droplet?

Incense but shaped like a droplet! Formulated & carefully made with the fruitiest, floral, freshest scents you could imagine. 

What are ripple⁺ incense droplets made of?

ripple⁺ droplets are made from a unique blend of handpicked botanicals. We’ve carefully selected resins and premium essentials oil to really sprinkle that extra love & attention.

How do I use my ripple⁺ droplet?

Place your droplet on top of the sea glass holder, grab your light, light the tip of your droplet and gently blow out after a few secs. Now, settle down & let the flame burn. 

How long do the ripple⁺ droplets last?

Each ripple⁺ droplet burns for at least 10 mins - with 48 per pack, you’ve got plenty of minutes to fully feel the drops take over.

Where can I use my ripple⁺ droplet?

You’re free to use your droplets in any space you call yours. It could be in the comfort of your bedroom, workspace or office. You can even spark this when you’re having a chill sesh with your peeps or when you’re putting your feet up in the bath! Transform your space in the best way.