With the world becoming more and more knowledgeable about the extremely addictive nature of nicotine, many smokers are on the hunt for an alternative that can help them part ways with the habit of smoking. Quitting smoking cold turkey is famously hard, with millions of adult smokers failing to become nicotine-free on a yearly basis. Luckily, the smoking cessation market is now bigger and better than ever. 

The road to a nicotine-free life can be rather difficult, which is why it’s important to find the best products to help you kick-start your journey. If you’re on the hunt for the right solution, getting clued-up of what the health and wellness aisles have to offer can help you find the best gateway to a nicotine-free future. 


According to multiple studies, nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. Not only has it proven that nicotine is more addictive than hard drugs like heroin, but it also messes with your brain beyond belief. When initially absorbed into the body, nicotine gives you an initial pleasurable sensation by increasing your body’s levels of dopamine. However, the pleasures of nicotine don’t last very long; in fact, nicotine’s half life is two hours, which means that is how long it takes for half of a dose of nicotine to leave the body.

Repeated exposure to nicotine changes parts of the brain that deal with stress, learning and self control. Some studies have revealed that nicotine use is strongly linked to cognitive decline and dementia, as well as affecting your brain volume over the years. 

Most nicotine devices contain a mix of substances that are incredibly damaging to your overall health and state of wellbeing. Amongst the substances contained in tobacco products, you can find some pretty pesky chemicals; polonium-210 (a radioactive element), arsenic (poison), cadmium (a substance used in batteries) and benzene (an industrial solvent) are just some of the few components found inside a cigarette. E-cigarettes and vapes aren’t safer for you either; from heavy metals such as nickel and lead, to acrolein (a herbicide) and diethylene glycol, they contain a bunch of health-wrecking ingredients. 


Giving up smoking should be a top priority for anyone looking to improve their health status and state of wellbeing. From lowering the risk of developing twelve different types of cancer, to reducing the risk of premature death by a whopping ten years. Even quitting after years of being a smoker has been proven to have major health benefits. We’ve rounded up some most notable health improvements that come with quitting. 


1: Cardiovascular health

When you decide to become smoke-free, the risk of cardiovascular disease lowers considerably. From minimising the risk of death from stroke, to helping improve your blood pressure, your heart health significantly improves when you kick the habit. 

2: Respiratory health

From reducing respiratory infections, to improving lung function and minimising your risk of asthma. After just a few months of being nicotine-free, your lung function will have already improved considerably. 

3: Social benefits 

From better sex, to some serious monetary savings, becoming nicotine-free is bound to benefit your social life big time. What better reason to kick the habit? 


Zero nicotine diffusers are a great way to indulge in guilt-free puffing, without the negative health repercussions of tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vapes. An innovative wellness staple, nicotine-free diffusers are the perfect option if you’re on the hunt for a pick-me-up in puff-able form that you can use on-the-go. In an age of busier-than-ever lifestyles, the option of having a portable aromatherapeutic product that you can reach for whenever you need a pick-me-up is bound to benefit your state of wellbeing. 

When looking to switch to a nicotine-free option, a nicotine-free diffuser can work wonders in allowing you to indulge in some puff-able escapism. Nicotine-free diffusers are available in an array of mood-enhancing aromas, harnessing the powers of scent to help you create your very own puff-able oasis. 

Peppermint nicotine-free diffuser 

Combining the functional plant-extracts of ginseng and ginkgo biloba, ripple+ POWER is bound to give you a natural energy lift. Topped off with a refreshing peppermint aroma, this puff-able pick-me-up is a fan-favourite for its energising aroma.  


Mango nicotine-free diffuser 

Blending together a sense-awakening mix of bacopa + guarana, ripple+ FOCUS is a popular choice for anyone who likes their fruity puffs. Finished off with a tropical mango aroma, this puff tastes like an oasis. 

Jasmine nicotine-free diffuser 

Bringing to life a sense-soothing mix of chamomile flower and lemon balm, ripple+ RELAX blends together all the benefits of mood-lightening aromatherapeutic extracts. 

Finished off with a serene jasmine aroma, this puff is expertly designed to help you unwind. 

Lychee nicotine-free diffuser 

A brain-boosting blend of green tea and maca, ripple+ BOOST delivers a natural pop of vitality. This formula is topped off with an invigorating lychee aroma for an organic energy lift. 

Lavender nicotine-free diffuser 

This calming formula balances the calming extracts of jujube seed and valerian and is expertly designed to calm, ease and lighten. Topped off with a tranquil lavender aroma, ripple+ DREAM allows you to naturally slow down.