Reporting LIVE: Londoners try ripple+ diffusers for the first time!


We took to the streets of London to find smokers. Why, we hear you ask? Well, how could we resist flaunting our plant-powered puffs to the big wide world now that things are slowly going back to normal.  

The tasting session said it all: our puffs passed the test! From the invigorating aromas to the sleek look and innovative concept, Londoners rated their ripples

We kicked it off in Camden (ripple’s home land) and slowly moved towards Soho in the hope of finding ourselves some fresh smokers to convert to a nicotine-free life. Needless to say, our plant-powered puffs turned heads instantly, and it’s safe to say we left a trace of good vibes, ripplefying the streets of London one new taster at a time. 

The whole experience has been thoroughly documented, and we have collated the greatest ripple reactions below.