From the day we brought the first ripple+ to life, we have made it our mission to always keep our impact on the environment to a minimum. Sticking to our sustainability promise is at the core of everything we create. 


Since kick-starting the f**k nicotine movement back in 2019, we’ve always had a dream product in mind. Two years later, we’ve finally brought to life POD: our infinitely rechargeable device that features our most advanced nicotine-free tech. We wanted to take plant-powered puffs to the next level and materialize the most sustainable experience. 

We like to keep our puffs planet-friendly. This is why we measure and trace every step of bringing our products to life. We always make sure our formulations are ethically sourced, and we have full transparency on the origin of each ingredient that goes into our puffs. This allows us to have a full understanding of the process of bringing all things ripple+ to life. 


When creating our infinitely rechargeable device, we knew we wanted it to be superior to anything else we could find on the market. The reusable design minimises waste, allowing you to charge up your ripple+ over & over. We have spent years developing the most advanced technology - we really wanted to make POD a forever thing. 

After carefully mapping out the most sustainable way to create POD, we got to work and developed a product with a super-lengthy battery life + advanced USB-C charging connection. This ensures the fastest possible charging time, with one charge delivering over ten hours of puff time. 

The device operates via magnetic connection and seamlessly connects with our POD refills, which are available in all our signature formulas. 

The POD packs are fully recyclable and can be sent back to us via our recycling scheme. We’ll take it from there: we make sure all contents are correctly recycled. 


Let’s make an impact together. All you need to do is send us back your finished ripples or POD refills, and we’ll take it from there: we always make sure we correctly recycle all components to keep things planet-friendly. 

How it works 

Step 1: Enter your details 

Head to our recycling page, fill in the boxes and generate your free return label 

Step 2: Print your label and send us back your used ripples 

Pack ‘em up, stick your label on, and simply drop them to the nearest post box 

Step 3: sit back, relax and wait for your discount code 

As a thank you for helping us protect the planet, we’ll give you 10% off your next order so you can stock up on plant-powered goodness forever. 

Alternatively, if you fancy a stroll… 

You can also pop into your nearest ripple+ retailer to drop back your finished ripples. Going paperless gains you extra eco points! 


Once we receive your return, we immediately work our recycling magic to make sure 99% of components are correctly recycled. 

We are constantly striving to minimise our environmental impact and are on the hunt for new ways in which we can be as kind to the planet as possible. 

We like to keep things fully transparent and acknowledge that there is constant room for improvement and growth. We’ll always take ownership of our numbers and are improving our roadmap to sustainability.  

From all of us at ripple+, thank you for helping us stay kind to the planet. If you want to speak to us or have any questions, our inbox is always open. 

Chat to us at 

Peace + plant-powered puffs, 

Team ripple+