Let’s face it, we could all use a drink. 

Whilst we may not be able to head out to our favourite bars, restaurants or pubs…social distancing doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to happy hour. In the name of making your solo cocktail session special, we’ve rounded up some of the tastiest (and easiest) “Rippletinis”, which just happen to be perfectly paired with our 4 signature Ripple formulas!  

*Enjoy responsibly, whilst standing at least 2m away from people. 

ripple RELAX cocktail recipe
ripple POWER cocktail recipe
ripple BOOST cocktail recipe
ripple DREAM cocktail recipe

If you don’t have some of these ingredients at home, freestyle and get creative! 

In other words, the Rippletini is whatever you want it to be. So long as it demonstrates a creative effort to get drunk with whatever ingredients you still have on hand.  

*Enjoy Responsibly 🙂