Veganism and plant-based diets have sky-rocketed in recent years, with more people opting for these lifestyle choices than ever before. At the same time, vaping has also enjoyed a meteoric rise with millions ditching traditional cigarettes in favour of an electronic alternative. 

Can You Smoke If You Are Vegan?

It’s pretty clear by now that cigarettes are bad for your health, but are they objectionable from a vegan perspective? Veganism and smoking don’t go hand in hand. Although they’re mainly plant-based, the additional ingredients and testing process of tobacco companies exploit the lives of animals, which is not aligned with the vegan philosophy.

The increasing popularity of veganism reflects on consumer choices in the vaping industry as well. With people delving into veganism and smoking, it’s not surprising that many are now heading to experts to ask “is vaping vegan?” 

What’s A Vegan Vape Juice? 

Vapers are actively looking for vegan e-liquids to relax and enjoy. That provides a sustainable and guilt-free alternative for a fantastic vaping experience. In fact, several brands have come up with extraordinary vegan-friendly e-juices that promise to embed the core values without compromising the taste or experience.

Vegan vape juice is specially prepared e-liquids without any animal products. The constituents of the e-juice derive from natural plant-based materials. Therefore, the end product or the e-juice does not contain any traces of animal by-products. 

With thousands of different types of vegan vape juice on the market, countless ingredients are used to achieve those distinctive flavours. In most cases these are either natural extracts from plants, or natural flavourings. 

To be absolutely certain that none of the ingredients in your e-liquid are derived from animals, be sure to purchase all your liquids from a brand who states their e-liquids are vegan-friendly – like us! 

Here at Ripple+, all of the e-liquids we manufacture are vegan-friendly, so if you’re following a vegan lifestyle or just trying to stick to a plant-based diet then you’ll be glad to know you can vape all of our liquids with a guilt-free conscience! 

 Is Vaping Vegan With The Disposable Ones?

Now that we’ve covered e-liquid, another thing that needs addressing is whether vaping vegan with the disposable ones. Afterall, the sale of disposables is completely off the charts right now with around half of all vapers saying they use throw-away units, so without a doubt many of them will be vegan!

With so many different brands out there, it’s unwise to paint a universal picture about disposables and whether they’re vegan or not. To be absolutely certain, your best bet is to contact the brand and ask them directly – that way there’s no confusion!

If you’re in search of a vegan-friendly disposable vapes, then try our very own zero-nicotine, plant-powered puffs. None of the ingredients in our portable aromatherapy diffusers are animal-derived, so you can enjoy a quick, easy and cruelty-free toke with Ripple+

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Final Thoughts

Ripple+ diffusers are expertly designed to heat our signature botanical blends to the optimal temperature, turning them into vapour. This is then absorbed by your body, bringing in heaps of holistic benefits associated with the ingredients of each formulation. As these are made from electrical components, thankfully we can be sure that these most definitely don’t contain animal products!

So if you’re wondering ‘is vaping vegan?’ then you’ll be glad to know that in the vast majority of cases it is. Just be sure to stick to brands who state that no animal products are used in the production of their products and you’ll have nothing to worry about. 

Here at Ripple+, all of our diffusers are vegan-friendly, so rest assured that you won’t be using any animal products when you purchase any products from us! Head over to our product page right now to browse all our vegan-friendly products!