Can you travel with a vape in 2023?

Got a holiday booked and are unsure whether you can travel with your vape, look no further, we are going to break it down for you. 

International and domestic flights all have the same regulations, jet setters are not allowed or permitted to store vapes and/or batteries in their checked hold baggage (aka the bag that goes in the boot). Instead, you need to make sure your vape is secured in your carry-on, in the overhead lockers.

Furthermore, just like any other liquid, airports require travelers to seal all e-liquids inside a clear bag, where your perfume goes and please remember that the 100ml liquid rule applies to vape juices. For maximum safety, it is best to turn off your vape (if possible) and disconnect any mod devices from any tanks or clearomizers. It’s also advisable to empty your tank, as air pressure on the plane may cause your tank or pod to leak.

Additionally, a lot of countries have restricted or completely banned vaping, so it is important to respect locals and understand the vape laws. It is best to check before you travel whether vaping is banned or restricted at your destination. 

All of these rules apply to ripples, you are allowed to travel with them without risk as long as you follow the same rules.

Vaping on a plane?

Whilst smoking used to be allowed on flights, this is no longer the case. Vaping is not permitted on any commercial airline.

Most airlines now have regulations within their pre-flight safety demonstration highlighting the vaping restrictions. All bathrooms on the plane are fitted with smoke detectors and they will be on your case if you choose to break the rules. Even though it is tempting to vape discreetly onboard an aircraft, airlines like Qatar Airways have been known to arrest and imprison travelers for vaping on their flights. In most cases, you will be warned to stop using your vape device. Vaping, much like smoking, is not worth the fines or possible jail time for a quick nicotine fix.

Although e-cigarettes and vapes are banned on aircraft, there is one exception when it comes to Ryanair (unsurprisingly). The airline allows the use of the smokeless cigarettes (who knew that was a thing) they sell on board, however according to reviews, they are not worth it, even though some would argue nicotine is needed for Ryanair. Instead, puff on a Relax before your flight to calm your nerves.

Something else to consider is the safety of your vape on the airplane. Whilst it may cross your mind that a vape battery might explode, this would also apply to laptops, phones, and other electronics with lithium-ion batteries. So do not worry too much about this happening, it is highly unlikely. 

In conclusion, when you fly or have to go through airport security, think of your vapes like any other small electronic device such as your phone or laptop—you just can’t use them whenever you feel like it. It’s okay to have them in your carry-on as long as they’re not in your checked luggage. Do not try to vape in an airport or on an airplane. Try nicotine toothpicks, lozenges, or pouches to get you through. Just think of how long you’ll have to wait for a nic fix if you get caught vaping.