The benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils. The benefits of inhaling the scents of these plant-based wonder oils are far-reaching. They can positively impact your physical, mental and spiritual health. They have become super popular with people looking to improve their wellbeing.

Some key benefits include:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves mood
  • Helps manage pain
  • Soothes headaches
  • Treats insomnia

But how do you use essential oils safely to make sure you gain all the benefits? 

Luckily, there are plenty of aromatherapy products that enable you to do just that!

We’ve investigated what’s out there and created this handy guide. Whether you’re an aromatherapy novice or have dabbled before, we’re sure you’ll be inspired to check out a few yourself.

Why choose an aromatherapy product?

Not everyone has the time - or money - to check into a spa every week to indulge in an aromatherapy-based massage. Although it’s certainly an amazing experience when you do get the chance!

These days, aromatherapy is totally on-trend and fans want to gain all the benefits of essential oils. With so many alternatives to purchase it’s important to cut through the confusion and choose the best product for you. 

So let’s take a look at a selection of the available products for aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy diffusers

Diffusers are a popular way to benefit from the aroma of essential oils. They disperse subtle scents that fill a room. There are a number of different types to choose from.

Room diffusers

Room diffusers gently disperse scents that fill your room. They are also known as essential oil diffusers. They use different methods of adding these scents to the air. 

Heat diffusers

These are the most basic type of diffuser and often the most affordable. They either use a small candle or electric to heat the oil which disperses the scent around the room. They contain a dish or tray above the heat source to place the essential oils. 

Evaporation diffusers

Evaporation diffusers use a fan that blows the essential oils through a pad into the air. Other types involve adding the essential oils to a stone or pad and allowing the essences to evaporate into the air. These are easy to use but the scent doesn’t travel over larger areas.

Ultrasonic diffusers

These can also be called humidifying diffusers. They have a compartment that is filled with water and some essential oil drops. The vibrations of the device break down the oil into small particles. This creates a mist that gently disperses into the air. They are quiet enough to use in the bedroom. Some models incorporate lights to further enhance the atmosphere.

Nebulising diffusers

Nebulising diffusers are also known as atomisers. Rather than using water or heat, they break down the essential oils into small particles. This makes them easier to inhale. Nebulising diffusers are considered to be the best to use for therapeutic purposes as they deliver the oils in the purest form. They often include a timer function. 

Personal diffusers

Personal aromatherapy diffusers are increasing in popularity. These on-trend gadgets are a super easy way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. They are commonly confused with vapes due to their similar design. In fact, using a zero nicotine diffuser can support your quitting smoking journey. Natural plant extracts are heated and released as vapour. This means you can enjoy aromatherapy benefits from an immediate hit.

At Ripple+ HQ, we’ve created a range of high quality, plant-based personal diffusers. Our Ripple+ portable diffusers are the perfect natural solution to aromatherapy on the go. From the first inhale, the beneficial blends both nourish and support you. Our unique blends can relax or energise you and even give your brain a boost. No matter what vibe you’re looking for, we’ve got a Ripple+ for you.

Car diffusers

Some car aromatherapy diffusers plug into your car’s cigarette lighter or USB port. Others can clip onto the air vents. You can also get rechargeable types that don’t require plugging in. Car diffusers don’t just make your car smell great. The essential oil blend can provide stress relief while on the road or keep you alert on long trips.  

Cosmetic aromatherapy

Many cosmetic products harness essential oils to help improve skin and hair. This is because they have a multitude of amazing benefits.

Bath and shower products

Bath oils are an easy way to add a sense of luxury to your bath. The benefit of using these products is that the oils are directly benefiting the skin as well as being inhaled. 

Skincare products

Skincare products with added essential oils can actively nourish the skin. The beneficial oils are absorbed easily and safely. Some examples include facial cleansers, toners and moisturisers. These harness the soothing and purifying properties of the essential oils. Other products include invigorating body scrubs and all-over body moisturisers. 

Perfume products

Perfume aromatherapy products are a simple way to carry the scent of your favourite essential oils with you all day. Pulse point roller balls are a mess-free and simple way to dab on those lovely oils. It’s the perfect way to boost you during the day. Different blends are available depending on whether you need relaxation, grounding, balancing or energising.

Home aromatherapy

There are a few things you can use around your space to take advantage of the scents of essential oils. 

Aromatherapy candles

Nothing says self-care like a scented candle! Add light and aroma to your room. Create a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for mindfulness or meditation. Help you wind down from a stressful day or take some time out for you. A great practice is to light your candle and gently hold your gaze on the flame. This helps calm your mind and stop your thoughts racing. You will be feeling super chilled in no time. 

Reed diffuser sticks

These products contain special sticks that you place in a jar of scented oils. The oils are absorbed by the sticks and the odour travels out into your room through a process of evaporation. Most often seen in bathrooms, they can be used in any room really. Flip the sticks every couple of days to refresh the scent.

Household products

Essential oils are often stated as being antibacterial. But this isn’t actually the case. They don’t all share the same properties. But they do have some special qualities that have led to their use in cleaning products.

Different essential oils can be:

  • Antiseptic - prevents the growth of microorganisms
  • Antimicrobial - inhibits the growth of microbes
  • Antibiotic - kills or prevents the growth of bacteria in the body
  • Antiviral - eliminates viruses and infections
  • Antifungal - removes fungi and prevents fungal growth
  • Bactericidal - removes bacteria completely
  • Disinfectants - kills germs and prevents them spreading

This makes certain oils a valuable addition to cleaning products to cleanse and protect the home. 

If you want to go all-natural with some DIY cleaning products, you can harness the cleaning superpowers of essential oils. They are safe to use, non-toxic to humans (be careful with them around animals) and will save you money. Just be sure to use them appropriately and follow safety tips


An attractive and simple way to bring your essential oils with you is to wear aromatherapy jewellery. Yes, you can look amazing and smell divine at the same time! When you use aromatherapy jewellery, the scents are close to you and don’t permeate the room like other products can.

Lava bracelets

These aromatherapy bracelets are fashioned from beads made from lava rock. They are often used as grounding and balancing stone to help promote courage and strength. Lava rock is a type of igneous rock formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. They are porous which means they are great for absorbing essential oils. 

To use them simply put a few drops of your favourite oil onto the beads. Wait for it to absorb and you are ready to enjoy aromatherapy wherever you go. It’s also possible to combine different oils together creating the perfect combination for you. 


Aromatherapy necklaces feature a pendant enclosing a substance you can add essential oils to. This might be made of cotton, cork or wool. In terms of design, there are a huge range of styles. From elaborate and delicate hinged designs to contemporary sleek screw-top containers. 

Aromatherapy pendants give you access to scented oils without them directly contacting the skin. When essential oils are used undiluted on the skin, they can cause a reaction and sensitivity. In the pendant, the oils evaporate over time letting you enjoy wonderful scents whenever you wear one. 

How to choose the best aromatherapy product

There are definitely a lot of aromatherapy products to choose from. Think about how you will benefit best from aromatherapy. 

If you want to create a chilled atmosphere in your space, go for a room diffuser. If you need something to help calm your anxiety, a personal diffuser, such as a zero nicotine Ripple+ is a great choice.

Remember that whatever you decide, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will help  to maximise the benefits of whatever essential oils you use.