Finding it hard to sleep? Here’s how aromatherapy can help…

There is no doubt that many of us often struggle to switch off and snooze. Whether you’ve got an overly-active brain that keeps you awake at night or your sleeping schedule has been shaken by quarantine, you are definitely not alone! 

Recent studies have revealed that, for approximately a quarter of people, bedtime can be rather troublesome. From longer-than-ever working hours to social media keeping us constantly plugged in, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of factors playing havoc with our sleep. In fact, studies have shown that, over the last decade, our average weekday sleep duration has decreased by a whooping 90 minutes, with most people snoozing for less than six hours per night.

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 Not to scare you away, but it has been scientifically proven that that you need at least 7 hours of sleep on a daily basis to keep your mind & body healthy. And we aren’t talking about that half-awake-half-asleep state – you want a blissful shut-eye session to fully recharge your ‘batteries’.  ‘There is a bi-dimensional relationship between good quality sleep and good mental health’ Dr. Guy Meadows, Clinical Director of The Sleep School London tells Elle UK

A good night’s sleep not only boosts your energy levels, but it is also closely linked to feeling more positive and productive. A ‘sleep-deprived brain has less activity in the areas controlling forward planning, goal-directed behavior and self-control’, sleep expert Dr. Sophie Bostock tells Stylist. A restful night also plays a vital role in improving memory, enhancing creativity and sharpening attention – talk about giving your body a full reset! 

If you belong to the sleep-deprived generation (first of all, welcome!), fear not! There are ways you can promote a healthy snoozing schedule even if your mind goes override at bedtime! 

Aromatherapy – aka harnessing the wellness benefits of plant extracts and essential oils – is a massive buzzword in any conversation revolving around sleep. To help you get clued up, essential oils are plant compounds obtained through water distillation, steam or cold pressing. They are game-changing when it comes to relaxation, delivering anxiety-relieving and sleep-boosting properties from potent botanical blends. 

sleep, aromatherapy, lavender, essential oil, relax, diffuser, sleep inhaler, Dream

Essential oils have become a popular choice in the world of wellness, as they are known to stimulate different parts of the hypothalamus gland to trigger the production of certain hormones. The hormones ultimately produce different responses within the body (depending on the aroma that has been inhaled), leading to feelings ranging from energy and alertness to relaxation and stress relief. 

Stress-related sleep issues have got many people looking for natural solutions, which is why essential oils have stolen the show when it comes to easing the struggle and enhancing sleep quality with their calming aromas. With the heavenly scents of sleep-boosting plants, there is no wonder why essential oils like lavender or jasmine have taken the wellness market by storm. And rightly so, experts praise them for their ability to soothe our senses. “As the Western world wakes up to the balanced powers of ancient practices, the spotlight is starting to shine on the somewhat dusty practice of aromatherapy,” Cult Beauty founder, Alexia Inge, tells Stylist

So how can you easily inhale all this goodness, we hear you ask? Cue our trusty Ripple Dream, a sleek diffuser championing the mind-soothing benefits of lavender, jujube and valerian. The peaceful blend of natural extracts has a comforting scent that encourages your body to naturally slow down and recharge. An instant anxiety-eater, our Dream puff calms your senses with its delicate aroma. This gem is the perfect natural alternative to melatonin-enhanced sleeping products, harnessing the powers of plants and sending you straight to dreamland.