Oh hey there! Sam + Lucie here - the brother-sister duo standing up to Big Tobacco. We started our F**K Nicotine movement back in 2019, and are here to tell you all about it.  


It all started when…

The idea behind ripple was born on a family holiday in Greece. We witnessed what we’ll politely describe as a ‘minor meltdown’ performed by our dad - an avid smoker back then - over losing his vape. Whilst we were very much aware of the health-wrecking effects of smoking, we weren’t as clued up how real nicotine withdrawal could be. 

Having been smokers ourselves, the sense of guilt kicked in: we got our dad hooked on vapes. In our defence, we were simply trying to help him ditch his smoking habit, and these uber-techy, USB-looking devices were the next best (to be read less bad for you) thing society served us. 


There had to be a better way 

That holiday was a cut-off point for all of us. We started researching, questioning and dissecting the vaping/e cigarette industry, and quickly realised the products were messing with our health (and our brain receptors) big time. Tobacco kills a staggering 8 million people each year, and smoking is the most common cause of cancer - with studies revealing that nicotine is more addictive than heroin. The pesky chemical f**ks with your body beyond belief, messing with your blood pressure and heart rate and clogging arteries (just to name a few downfalls). The withdrawal side isn’t a pretty sight either, especially when you witness a loved one go through it like we did back in Greece. 


The F**K Nicotine movement 

When mapping out the road for ripple+ and embarking on this journey, one thing was clear from the very beginning: we wanted to bring an innovative product to the market. We challenged ourselves to think outside the box to create our botanical, non-addictive blends. 

2019 was a pretty wild year for us. We researched and tried many formulations and ran tests on multiple ingredients to make ripple the best it can be. Our botanical blends are carefully created in state-of-the-art labs across the UK, bringing together plant extracts to benefit your wellbeing and transport your senses. Think of it as a puffable oasis in your pocket. 

We are now working to expand our nicotine-free world and bring out even more plant powered goodness to the market. Watch this space!

 Where we’re going 

It was never just Big Tobacco. 

When starting ripple back in 2019, we knew the problem was deeply rooted into something bigger. Addiction can be life-wrecking, and sadly, not everyone manages to shake it off. 

Whilst we can only imagine the reality of drug addiction from our level of perspective, we are committed to breaking down the stigma that exists around it. Standing by the saying ‘small ripples make big waves’ led us to understand that we’ve got the power to instigate positive change through everything we create. 

To put this into practice, we are teaming up with Phoenix Futures, an incredible organisation which supports those on their road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. To symbolise this powerful partnership, we are launching an exclusive merch store featuring a curated collection of all things ripple, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity’s Recovery Through Nature initiative. This innovative therapeutic program empowers in-patients to grow their own produce, providing an enjoyable learning environment that helps people reconnect with nature. The practice was proven to aid the recovery from addiction, as well as prevent relapse. 

Through partnerships like these, we hope to make a real difference and destigmatize addiction, joining forces with the incredible ripple+ community to write this story. 

We want to wish you the warmest welcome to our nicotine-free world. We hope you’ll stick around and help us do what we do best. Let’s make big waves together.